This product is for professionals to assist clients in the transfer or sale of businesses. You will have access to all reports that are in the Biz Owner Package, but you will also be able to edit documents and private label reports. You can upload your own logo and branding. Use all reports to suit your needs.

Any professional that requires a professional valuation for estate planning, divorce, business transfer, partnership disputes, etc… can use DiyBizseller Professional Services. Our product has been designed to allow professionals and advisors determine defensible valuations and provide all necessary documents to support the transfer or sale of a business.

The product is software driven and is simple to use. The software prompts you for necessary financial information which you enter into the program. After all entries are made, you will be given a valuation for the business under consideration. You will also have access to other reports that may be useful, particularly if the business is being offered for sale. The valuation algorithm used in valuation calculations are based on the sale of over 5,000 businesses in virtually every industry and sector. The Professional Services Product is offered as a onetime use product or on a subscription basis.


Sell Your Business without Business Broker Fees


Do It Yourself Business Seller Program is a service to assist business owners sell their business without paying any business broker fees. The service is a combination of personal coaching and cloud based software tools. You sell your business on your own, but not by yourself. A seasoned Business Transfer Coach will be with you every step of the way to answer any questions you may have with selling your business or using our software.


The cloud based software allows the business owner to efficiently create and manage all documents needed to successfully sell any business. The software uses a questionnaire to gather information to create all the selling documents needed to sell your business. The software produces 4 reports that present your business like a true professional. The DIY Software produces:

Business Valuation Report – Used for determining optimal price the company should be offered and deal structure for a sale. This document is not shared with buyers as this could undermine pricing strategies for your business.

Marketing Business Brief – Allows your company to remain anonymous but gives buyers enough information to determine if they want to proceed with a non-disclosure agreement.

Business Financial Profile – Financial analysis usually shared after Marketing Business Brief

Business Offering Report – Comprehensive report providing complete financials and details about the operation of the business.


Why Use the Do It Yourself Business Seller Program?


The Do It Yourself Business Selling Program will get your business sold quickly without the expense of a Business Broker.  The program does not require any additional effort.  You gather the same information required to sell your business, even if you didn’t use our service. Our program organizes your information and makes all the calculations so you have a professionally prepared Business Valuation without giving away 10% of your business to a Business Broker.  An experienced Business Transfer Coach will guide you every step of the way so you never get stuck.  You sell your business by yourself, but you’re not alone. Call 1-800-905-1213 Ext 111 if you would like to learn more about purchasing a license to the Do It Yourself Business Seller Software.