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Why DiyBizseller System Outperforms Business Brokers?


The DiyBizseller Selling System will help you sell your business without a broker and pay zero commissions. It’s hard to believe that business brokers get to walk away with 10% of your business while having no part in building the business. Only on Wall Street can you find fat cats making big bucks with absolutely no downside risk; the clients take all the risk.

Business Brokers are paid too much for doing too little. The business broker model is flawed because it uses the real estate model which is not effective selling businesses. According to Inc Magazine, 83% of listings taken by business brokers never sell. It would seem that this would be enough evidence for business brokers to try something different but, there is no consequence for business brokers to fail at selling your business. 17% of the time when a business broker actually finds a buyer, commissions and fees will cost you tens of thousands of dollars or at least 10% of the sales price.


The Do It Yourself Business Seller Program eliminates Business Broker fees. Our program allows you to sell your business by yourself, but no alone.